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“We are all Canucks” until we riot, apparently. Then it’s the work of a “handful.”

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

“Hockey’s over-the-top fandom (and the same could be said for the Olympics) seems a frantic expression of what the post-modern metropolis and its high-rise ghettos lack and even deliberately negate — a human-scale community in which individuals feel purposeful and acknowledged.”

“In the absence of any shared collective progressive principles, the BC elite longed for a new solidarity forged from of this “fighting collectivity” of Canucks fans.

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The inexplicable fashion flair of Don Cherry

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

“You told me to wear pink! That tie is lavender!” Don Cherry, the most daring dresser in Canadian television, probably, let alone in hockey, wore pink last Saturday in support of a cure for breast cancer. Cherry, the hockey commentator whose fractious half-time show “Coach’s Corner” is a controversial Canadian institution, is here complaining to his drily ironic sidekick Ron MacLean that the NHL’s designated breast cancer tie is not pink, and that it doesn’t really match the properly pink ensemble he’d asked his tailor make for the occasion.

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