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Summer of love

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Raccoons playing (and mating) nonchalantly right in the middle of a friend’s outdoor birthday dinner. I like to think they make a dividing line between the hockey riot and the rest of the summer. Let’s make love, not war, and think of better things.

It’s Canada Day today but recent events—the hockey riot, the Canadian government’s shameful refusal (nearly alone among the international community) to stop exporting and adding warning labels to its toxic asbestos, the same right-wing government’s decision to threaten the arts and culture sector on Tuesday after promising in its election campaign that it wouldn’t, and other deviations from the country we once were (a country I preferred, a country that did the Summer of Love properly)—these events sort of demotivate one from feeling anything for Canada Day.

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“We are all Canucks” until we riot, apparently. Then it’s the work of a “handful.”

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

“Hockey’s over-the-top fandom (and the same could be said for the Olympics) seems a frantic expression of what the post-modern metropolis and its high-rise ghettos lack and even deliberately negate — a human-scale community in which individuals feel purposeful and acknowledged.”

“In the absence of any shared collective progressive principles, the BC elite longed for a new solidarity forged from of this “fighting collectivity” of Canucks fans.

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