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The Hitler Youth haircut: what it’s actually expressing

Monday, May 26th, 2014

Update: this was written in 2014 but feels all the more pressing since the 2016 US election. If you want to hear Chomsky’s post-election comments on white male entitlement and rage, it’s here. This isn’t just a fashion; it’s real. 60 million Americans voted for this. Thanks to Lydia for interesting new comment.

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Conservative Narcissist Decor: Canada’s Prime Minister decorates house entirely with portraits of himself

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

This is 24 Sussex Drive, the house occupied yet again by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The dark lord of minority Canadian conservatism has somehow won the national election again, and this time, to the dismay of 60% of Canadians, he has won a majority. (This is what can happen in a multi-party nation with a “first past the post” electoral system actually designed in the 13th C for a two-party system.)

Stephen Harper’s Children of the Corn creepiness extends to his decor.

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