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Plywood in Paris loft

Monday, May 18th, 2009

This Paris loft was renovated by architects Karine Chartier and Thomas Corbasson who trained in the studio of Jean Nouvel (last year’s Pritzker Award winner). The space is an old industrial laboratory – you can see the building’s original freight elevator below. Most of the finishing was done in plywood – a moisture-proof, marine-grade, very low formaldehyde-content pine plywood certified by a European sustainable forest practices agreement.

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Thai gate on wheels.

Monday, November 17th, 2008



I can’t explain why, but there’s something so charming about this traffic-blocking gate on wheels seen in a great mod bistro in Bangkok. It’s rolled away from the restaurant door during the day, then rolled out to block the door at night. I’m not sure if it’s meant to prevent cars from driving through the plate glass entrance or not, but its security function aside, it has the sort of friendly look a lot of utilitarian objects in Southeast Asia have and is just one of those things you’d unfortunately never see here.

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