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main room of ex church
Welcome to Ouno Design
artisanal textiles, art works, and design criticism

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part of the "Souvenir" show at the Royal Ontario Museum
Fur lifejacket (actual lifepreserver, recycled vintage fur coat, cotton)
Lindsay Brown, 2006

Ouno Design is an artisanal design studio in the Vancouver, BC. producing deluxe fashion and decor accessories from salvaged, recycled and new sustainable materials. While eclectic, our objects probably fall within the “westcoast modernism” rubric, though we feature the best of midcentury modern, 60s and 70s, especially Scandinavian and Japanese textile design.

From 2004-2009 Ouno Design produced pillows, floor pillows, hand bags, bedspreads and rugs, though it largely concentrated on vintage textile pillows. After 2009 we went custom only, in part because increasingly as the middle class fell away, there was no longer any middle range, and we were forced to produce luxury items. The market will not pay for the actual value of handmade sustainable pillows; we simply could not afford to make our high quality pillows as we were on occasion making less than minimum wage. The fact is that though the quality of our pillows is far higher than what you can get from IKEA, yet we could not compete with their Made In China prices. We were forced to do custom, one of a kind work for a different market. We greatly regret this.

Please see our portfolio to see past work.