The Tresure Chest (sic) is empty

Tresure Chest

Apologies for my continuing semi-absence from this blog. I appreciate your patience and I thought you might enjoy this sign from one of the crafts stalls at the Ferry terminal between Vancouver and Victoria. It seems to represent the current state of the BC Arts Council thanks to the current corporate redneckery that prevails here in BC. I’m the head of a board of directors of an art gallery in BC whose promised funding – not tax dollars but money that comes from gaming (provincial lottery) – has been abruptly retracted, while the arts get cut in a million other ways. All other economic sectors are subsidized, but not culture which puts $5 billion into the BC economy annually? If anyone is interested there is more on this here. I and many others are very busy fighting the government to get that money back. The BC Liberals (misnamed, they’re not liberals) effectively want to put gaming money – the fruits of gambling – into general revenue, which is sort of what you might expect from a tin-pot dictator. If the treasure chest is empty, it’s because they went massively overbudget on the stupid 2010 Olympics, among other things. Oh, and here’s a misleading, obfuscation-filled letter Minister Krueger sent me today, in error. It’s so fantastic when political leaders accidentally send you the “Track Changes” version of their letters.

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  1. Oh, this is Fringlish, Trésor, so it is correct.
    You wouldn’t believe what kind of mistakes I can find over here since some bored administration freaks have tried to renovate German spelling. It is a katastrofee!

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