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malcolm, australian film

Malcolm, 1986, film still

Malcolm is an Australian film released in 1986. I’ve been thinking about it for years. Maybe it automatically rates because it is full of homemade Rube Goldberg machines and nerd contraptions, because I grew up around those, but there’s also the enjoyable fact that they’re all produced by a naive and strangely appealing mechanical savant played by Colin Friels. Sadly, scenes of the contraption which brings in his mail and boils his egg can’t be found on YouTube but you can get the movie here. Malcolm won the 1986 Australian Film Institute Award for Best Film.

Malcolm, 1986, film still

Malcolm, 1986, film still

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  1. Wayne Says:

    I loved Malcolm but I’d forgotten most of the details. When I think of the movie I think of him in his own personal tram.

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