“Suits weren’t more stylish then, there’s just less stylish people now”

I love Alan Price who, among other things, was the founder of The Animals in 1962. He wrote the soundtrack for Lindsay Anderson’s 1973 film O Lucky Man! with Malcolm McDowell. The film was a political satire on capitalism and pre-Thatcher Britain. This song is called “Look Over Your Shoulder” and the title song O Lucky Man! is also great, as is the deceptively upbeat Poor People. Price actually appeared in the film, playing music and singing in what was effectively a kind of Greek chorus. I was looking at it again today online and found the following exchange in the YouTube comments:

A: Is it just me or were men’s suits a lot more stylish back then?
B: It’s not just you – they were more stylish back then.
C: Suits weren’t more stylish, there’s just less stylish people now.

You mean fewer. But yeah. In more ways than one.

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  1. great one! the correct deployment of fewer vs less – tough:)

    i love the world of random comments – some exchanges make great (written) art in themselves, i think, and have enormous potential to encapsulate a mood/response/critique/thought (when not trying too hard).

    there was recent article in one of our newspapers here about how our state is lifting water restrictions now we have had some recent rain and the drought (temporarily) easing. government has allowed the population to go back to hell for leather water usage when the population were actually doing quite nicely using water in moderation and giving it is due respect. at the end of the article, the first reader comment was, “Why?”. That’s it. perfect.

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