Alternating tread staircases.

Alternating tread staircase by Arkitectkontor

Alternating tread staircases, which positively wouldn’t be allowed here by the notoriously restrictive Vancouver design code, are for stairwells and spaces so narrow or steep that regular tread depth is not possible. As with the previous post on this blog, all of these photos were all found on the ever interesting stair porn.

Alternating tread staircase by Dekleva Gregorič Arhitekti

A steel staircase in a tiny house in Ljubljiana, Slovenia, called the XXS house in honour of its size. The house is situated in a heritage-protected neighbourhood that was once a medieval village consisting of tiny dwellings. The architects were allowed to modernize the decayed house while keeping its basic shape and footprint.

Lapeyre Stair, with alternating treads

The Lapeyre Stair, compact and materials-saving industrial escape stairs.

Alternating tread staircase

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