Floating furniture.

Maybe this is another version of the indoor swing, I don’t know, but there’s something magical about suspended furniture. It’s by architect Robert Bernstein and was profiled in the NYT style section a while back. Bernstein says “if people walk into a space and it makes them smile, it opens them up,” which seems true. The furniture makes the whole room seem more expansive, because the lack of heavy legs makes the space seem airier. But Bernstein’s main motivation was to encourage socializing around a table, with narrow areas that allow people on opposite sides to stand close to one another. His term for this effect is “anti-wallflower design.” Interestingly, this furniture actually doesn’t swing or even wobble, in contrast to swings. The sleeping platform and blue dining table/desk/work area are apparently as steady as a rock, steadier than most tables. PS The fishbowl is hanging too, but apparently the fish weren’t so happy.

bernstein floating bed

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