Softwall, flexible room divider by Molo Design

Just a few blocks up the road from my studio is the workshop of Vancouver’s Molo Design. You’ve probably seen their accordioning softseating or their softwall room dividers which are now in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. A few times a week Molo’s unmarked shopfront morphs into a new fantastical environment while they test or photograph new pieces, and I always check it as I go by. You can see the shopfront window below. Molo’s pieces are pretty environmentally friendly, hold up well and are some of the most beautiful room dividers I’ve ever seen, in white and now in kraft paper as well. The kraft paper walls are here, and Molo also does beautiful double-walled glassware.

Molo Design, softseating and softwall

Molo Design, softseating and softwall

Molo white softwall

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