Red PK22 chair

Poul Kjaerholm's PK22 chair, rare original red leather

 A red PK22 chair cut from UK Elle Decor magazine about 9 years ago and saved in a fit of desire. It’s likely that this chair never really was this shade of cherry red, but only appears that way thanks to the vagaries of magazine printing and digital photo colours. The leather of this chair was probably a kind of modernist burnt orange. That’s the colour these chairs usually were clad in, when they weren’t done in wicker or black leather. Regardless of colour these chairs are somehow perfect. They’re also so much more comfortable than Barcelona chairs that it’s not surprising that they seem to be taking their place in the fancypants design market. Unfortunately you could feed a village with what it would take to buy one, but they are now being produced in China so Fritz Hansen must have lost control of the licensing and perhaps they’ll soon be cheaper, if perhaps not quite as beautiful as this. It’s almost sad these chairs are becoming so popular, though, because they may come to seem pedestrian. Or not. But hopefully people who buy them will eschew black leather, because any colour but black is the new black.

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