Architecture in the movies, part 1.

Sleeper Design

Future House - Genesee Mountain

This list,  inspired by an interesting thread on pushpullbar, is a small selection of great modern buildings that have appeared in 20th C film. Above, Charles Deaton’s Sculpture House, which appeared in Woody Allen’s 1973 film Sleeper. All photos gratefully borrowed from Flickr.

Spaces of Abraxas
Ricardo Bofill apartment building, seen in Terry Gilliam’s 1975 film Brazil.

Ennis House by Frank Lloyd Wright 1924

ennis brown house
Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House, 1924, has appeared in the following films: The House on Haunted Hill, 1958; The Day of the Locust, 1975; Blade Runner, 1982; Black Rain, 1989.

Lovell House Pool and Wall

lovell house de richard neutra
Neutra’s Lovell House, above, appeared in LA Confidential, 1998.
Elrod House, Palm Springs

Elrod House

Elrod House
John Lautner’s Elrod House of 1968. The 1971 James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever was shot here, shortly after the house was built.

John Lautner, Malin Residence (Chemosphere), Hollywood, photographed by Julius Shulman
John Lautner’s Chemosphere of 1960. Appeared in Body Double, 1984.

Villa Savoie

Villa Savoye
And finally, Corbusier’s Villa Savoie, which appeared in the film French Postcards, 1979.

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