The Parker Hotel in Palm Springs

The Parker

The Parker Hotel as photographed by Chimay Bleue, who has produced one of my favourite collections of photos of modernist architecture on Flickr. I’ll do a series of posts using his photos if he will let me. Look at the perforated screen wall outside – why don’t we see these screens around my part of the world? Because no one wants to pressure wash the moss off? Fantastic lobby, with an indoor version of a midcentury modern screen.

Parker Palm Springs Hotel

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3 Responses to “The Parker Hotel in Palm Springs”

  1. fiona Says:

    OMG, I must go! jaw dropping.

  2. Foster Grant Says:

    There’s a 1950’s gem of a house up past 33rd off Cambie in Vancouver that has a similar screen system. Well worth a poke around if you’re in the area. Just try and blank out all the recent monster homes that surround it…

  3. LB Says:

    Thanks! I’ll go take a look.

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