Get Ready to Crumble, Obscure!

Get Ready to Crumble, Obscure!

Bat Knight, bought in Bangkok in 2002 for my nephews who were then 3 and 4 years old. Check out the red text at bottom left of the front of the box. This taunt—Get Ready to Crumble, Obscure!—has entered our family lexicon. Does “Obscure” really means something like “Dark One”? What’s with the 70s computer typeface? Were these characters also programmers?

Bat Knight, Thai action figures

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  1. what exactly is the product?!
    p.s. I love your blog and it is my only connection left to Vancouver since moving to the states. Do you know any others of equal caliber and concept?
    Thank you much, Ivan

    1. Thanks, Ivan. I’m not sure which other blogs do this sort of part design blog, part critique, part local current affairs. (Not surprisingly, as it’s a bit of a dog’s breakfast.)

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