1. You’re kidding! Really? I did an image search online and couldn’t find anything. Would love to see photos. I wonder if the Italian barber knows his sign is famous.

  1. Thanks, Andrea! It is SO odd to see this on Australian album. Someone should find out when the band was in Vancouver, and why the whole album seems to be Canadian-themed. Thanks for posting the photos! I want to go up to Commercial Drive now and see if that barber is still there.

  2. maybe not so odd? they might have toured in canada, assuming it is kind of easy to spot the sign? from what i gather of the lucksmiths, they would highly likely be partial to this kind of excellent signage:)

    as for all canada-themed – after all, canada is close for the australians, no? canada in most people minds here = nice laid back people, big nature, excellent employment of sarcasm and sense of humour, etc etc. or maybe they just got lost in the big nature/new continent and the title is entirely literal.

    either way – thanks a lot andrea for pointing it out!

  3. iinekore, it’s just that it’s a fairly nondescript block, sort of out of the way of the main artsy section of Commercial Drive in East Van, as we call the wrong side of the tracks. But I love that they somehow found it. And yeah, I do think there’s a lot of simpatico between Canada and Australia. Especially in the deployment of irony department. I think Australian design and architecture are better, though. Why that is, I don’t know. The combination of nicer weather and less Scots presbyterianism? If only we had more Irish in our heritage. And more sun. Whatever it is, we are lagging behind you over here.

  4. irony:)

    but you guys have the snow and that crisp pure clean cold – i somehow imagine that has valuable input somewhere along the line…the light here is certainly nice, the sun beautiful when it eases back and lets us live, picnic, drink tea and generally bask within it, but man, it sears and burns though, when unleashed…frightening, actually.

    100% all for the irish heritage, yes. god bless them. although a bit of presbyterian restraint may not go astray in terms of young men looking for a fight late at night/booze culture here.

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