Ant farm

Watching urban planning does sometimes feel like watching an ant farm, but without all the back room deals. Unless of course there are back room deals. Hard to say.

Does anyone have ant farms anymore? Where did our childhood ant farms disappear to? How much stuff did parents sneak into the garbage?

I have ants out front of my place that make nests in the cracks in the pavement. I wanted to find out what they were, so I googled “sidewalk, pavement, ants.” And guess what? They’re called “pavement ants.” True. Before pavement, they were just called “ants.”

4 comments on "Ant farm"

  1. I have one exactly like that one sitting on the shelf (in the box) waiting for ants. I got it for the 4 year old for his birthday… Totally still exist. Although now you can buy blue goo ones.

    At some point I lost all my bookmarks, I have just spent the last 5 minutes free associating and trying so hard to remember the name of your blog. I had vague memories of old posts, but lo and behold, I found it.

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