Playplax by Patrick Rylands


Playplax, another toy from my childhood, was designed in 1966 by the brilliant British industrial designer Patrick Rylands. It’s in the permanent collection of the V&A Museum in London. Thanks to Fraser for actually finding it online, after I failed to (see his comments here). I had this toy as a child and have since spent years and years trying to find out what it was. More on Patrick Rylands at Wary Meyers.

You can order Playplax at the source, Portobello Games in England, or from They’re on Twitter too. It’s unfortunate that this amazing thing isn’t being distributed in North America. UPDATE: commenter below notes that Playplax is now available in North America here.

Rylands also produced the famous bird and fish bath toys enjoyed by me and most of my friends as kids:

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10 Responses to “Playplax by Patrick Rylands”

  1. genevieve Says:

    You have made my day! Playplax is my long lost toy from childhood – the one that I have never forgiven my parents for giving away! I couldn’t even remember the name to be able to figure out where to search for them. Thank you!

  2. LB Says:

    Genevieve, I had the same reaction!

  3. Evelyn Says:

    I bought a set in the 1970s in New York for my children, and I loved it as much as they did. Now I’m going to buy a set for my grandchildren. (I think I might buy some for me, too!)

  4. LB Says:

    @Evelyn I’ve been looking for the bird and fish but haven’t found anything yet. Has anyone else?

  5. Evelyn Says:

    Can one still buy the fish and the bird?

  6. LB Says:

    Evelyn, I’m not sure. Anyone?

  7. Karen Says:

    I’m so excited to see Playplax be reintroduced, though I’m in the states and it looks like it’s not available here (yet). Good thing I have my vintage box from ebay to tide me over!

    To answer the question above, however, I did see the bird and fish at the V&A museum site:

  8. V&A: British Design 1948-2012 (part 2) | Catillest Design Blog Says:

    […] source […]

  9. KR Says:

    In North America, you can buy them here:

  10. Peter Wood Says:

    I had this when I was a kid. I loved it!

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