found and lost on tumblr

The photo above has been reblogged on tumblr 296 times. According to its tags it was taken in Istanbul. You’re lucky to find out even that much on tumblr, even if you follow the chain of rebloggings back to the original posting. I guess that’s why they call it tumblr. Don’t even get me started. I spend my entire time trying to recontextualize objects and images, meanwhile tumblr is busy making an antihistorical scrapbook mishmashery of everything. I shouldn’t take it out on this photo, which was first posted by malteada. She actually bothered to indicate where it came from. I like her bio. Mexicana/Vegetariana/Antitaurina/Turquía. Mexican vegetarian anti-bullfight resident of Turkey? In that context tumblr makes more sense.

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