Mystery paper sculptures left in Edinburgh libraries & museums

A mystery sculptor (all that’s known is that she is female) has been leaving these sculptures made from book pages in libraries and museums across Edinburgh. When the sculptures numbered ten she stopped, leaving this inscription in a guestbook: “In support of Libraries, Books, Words and Ideas… a tiny gesture in support of the special places.” As a mysterious public art piece it has fascinated many in Edinburgh. A great public act in favour of one of our most democratic and hallowed institutions—the library. Via NPR.

Apparently the whole “reverse heist” was inspired by Ian Rankin’s novel Rebus. In thanks, the sculptor sent him an eleventh sculpture in the mail; he says you can see it here.

Nice T Rex. That’s its tail protruding from the spine of the Conan Doyle book “The Lost World,” below.


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  1. Haven’t been on twitter recently, but does Margaret Atwood know about this one? If she’s not the culprit, then I think she’d at least suggest this happen in good ol’ Toronto.

    1. I’m sure she must know about this one, but I’ll tell her. Apparently this was inspired by Edinburgh mystery novel writer Ian Rankin – he responded to me on Twitter – did you see that? (link above)

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