Lamps in India

Lamp in hotel. Pigeon also staying in hotel.

Hodgepodge of beautiful lamps seen in India, most of them vintage.

The glass, the hardware, even the wiring seem more attractive in India than they are in North America, and often have more design integrity.

I noticed more of the pale green glass in N. India (Jaipur, above) and faint pink in S. India (Mysore, directly below), but this could just be accident and not scientific. The influences originally came from elsewhere; Turkish and Persian craftsmen learned from the glassworks in Venice and beyond.

In the photo above, the pigeon was also staying in the hotel, Clarks Amer in Jaipur.

The flea markets in India are full of vintage office lamps, deco and moderne furniture, and other beautiful items.

Lamp, Green Hotel, Mysore

Lamp, Green Hotel, Mysore

Mysore, handmade mesh lampshade

Above, a friend’s mesh solution to an outdoor light near Mysore. (PS You can see a tiny black beehive just at its bottom right; closeup here.) Below, custom-made pendant lamp for lighting the pool table in one of Mysore’s palaces, in a room that is now a bar. It rotates smoothly so that any lamp can be above any desired point on the pool table.

Pendant lamp, palace bar, Mysore

vintage lamp, Delhi, India

The lamp above is a masterpiece I think. It was hung in one of the rooms featured in the next post.

vintage lamp

vintage lamp

In Lodi Garden - footlights by mosque

Above, minimalist industrial footlight seen in Lodi Garden, Delhi, around 15th C mosque ruins. And below, similar footlights repurposed and hung from the ceiling, in a design studio in Delhi.

Basement level design office, Delhi

Below, vintage glass table lamp with candystripe shade in simple bedroom in a Delhi guesthouse.

Guesthouse in Delhi's Haus Khas Village

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