“Coast Modern” – film screenings in Vancouver this week

This film has been very difficult to see, consistently selling out (I saw scalpers at the last showing). The Vancouver International Film Fest is hosting this new set of screenings, based on the popular demand. Tickets are selling quickly so if you want to go, buy now.

This film needs to be seen on the big screen. Its comprehensive footage of beautiful westcoast modernist architecture was shot in HD and is worth seeing large. If you’re in Vancouver, don’t miss this. There is interview footage of the recently departed Julius Shulman – it’s worth seeing for that alone.

The filmmakers are friends of mine. It has been fun to watch the film come together and quickly win so much popularity. It shows that there’s a deep appetite for both a sense of our own architectural history as well for a more smaller, more beautiful style of house, houses with greater architectural integrity than we generally see in the current environment.

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