Tame Impala / Lonerism

The single “Elephant” from new Tame Impala album “Lonerism”

Album cover for Lonerism by Tame Impala – fenced garden, Paris

The new Tame Impala album Lonerism is out. (It’s not released in North America yet, technically, but seems you can get on iTunes already.) I’ve had it on perpetual repeat for 3 days. It’s interesting in terms of its psychedelic 1960s sound because as many reviews have pointed out, you can’t reduce it to just pastiche or quotation or derivativeness. It’s its own thing altogether, as if 60s paisley music had been fully metabolized along with a multitude of other sounds and traditions and then catalysed into this entirely new thing. I guess it’s obvious why I’m including it here, then.

Tame Impala is the creation of Kevin Parker (in pea coat, 2nd from right), also its lead singer. Five-star review in The Guardian.

Tame Impala are from Perth, Australia.

One of the album’s catchier tracks:

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