Artist George Norris (1928-2013), creator of Vancouver’s popular giant steel crab sculpture

Vancouver Museum & Planetarium

George Norris, the artist who made what is arguably Vancouver’s most famous piece of public art—a giant steel crab in front of the Vancouver Museum and Planetarium—has died in Victoria.  It’s odd that so few know Norris’s name, considering the crab’s popularity, how prolific he was in his career, and his long art teaching career in Vancouver and Banff.

Vancouver does have a  long history of ignoring its own artists even as they’re celebrated elsewhere, but I’m still surprised that so many of Norris’ public pieces have been removed and destroyed, including the tall steel piece below which used to stand outside Pacific Centre downtown. This post is just a small reminder of Norris’ work. Find more information— here and many more works here.

One of Norris’ most popular works is the frieze on the exterior of the post office at 8th and Pine (I believe that’s the corner). Photo below.

Norris was trained in Vancouver and London at the Slade School. Norris is the uncle of award-winning Vancouver artist Arabella Campbell

Georgia & Granville – vanished Norris sculpture

George Norris Post Office frieze


H.R. MacMillan Planetarium, Vancouver

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  1. Yikes, I forgot about that winged sculpture in front of what used to be Eaton’s! That something so iconic, so LARGE, can be forgotten is kind of poignant. And even sadder is what happened to it…Thanks for bringing my attention to this noteworthy artist.

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