The Log’s Log by Carole Itter, 1972-3

Fittingly this book arrived in the mail on Iternational Women’s Day. I’ve always wanted a copy of it. Only 1000 were printed so I was surprised I could get one.

The book is documentation of an extended artwork by Vancouver artist Carole Itter in which she found a yellow cedar log on the beach in BC, cut it in pieces, put handles on each segment, wrapped them in canvas and took the entire log with her as baggage to Nova Scotia via the Canadian National railway. She unloaded the log in Halifax—artist Roy Kiyooka was waiting at the other end—then reassembled it on the beach in Lockeport NS.

Why can I find nothing written about this piece on the internet? It was an important piece in Vancouver in the 1970s.

Just a question on International Women’s Day.

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    Ouno is great. I keep coming back for more.


    Ouno, i keep coming back.

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