Swedish architect Per Friberg – possible designer of house in Bron/Broen

Above: Erlandson Villa designed by Per Friberg. Below: detective Martin
Rohde in “Bron/Broen” (The Bridge)

The Bridge (Bron/Broen) is a Danish-Swedish TV co-production set on both sides of the  Øresund Bridge that links Copenhagen, Denmark & Malmö, Sweden. I’ve written about it before in terms of its interior design. I was contacted by a reader called Christian Chaudhari who was curious about who designed the house of character Martin Rohde, the Swedish detective. I didn’t know so Christian did some research and wrote me back to say “I am almost certain it’s Erlandson Villa designed by Per Friberg… He’s a Swedish architect/landscape architect. Did a variety of projects, but I’m particularly drawn to a summer house he designed.” I really like the summer house too. It is a beautiful building, very simple. Light on the land (stilts, not foundation, which I’ve always felt would be more appropriate for BC), small but spacious, and elegant. Why is it that in BC so little restraint is applied where money is involved? Arthur Erickson built a few wooden cabins this simple and with equally good lines, but it’s rare.



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