Fur hammock

Fur Hammock by Bless, 2008, seen in the NYT


Fur hammock by Bless, the design collaboration of Desiree Heiss and Ines Kaag, who work out of Paris and Berlin. The fur is probably not recycled, but it’d be a great piece if it were.

Fur Hammock by Bless Design, for their

From the NYT:

Thinking Outside/Inside the Box

A fur hammock, leather knit boots, a cashmere sweater with crystal elbow patches — for over a decade, Bless, a design label operating in Paris and Berlin, has been turning out imaginative clothing and objects, and presenting them in stylized guerrilla stores around the globe. In Mexico City, it furnished an abandoned house, dangling clothes from the door frames. In Werkleitz, Germany, it planted its wares in specialty shops: bedsheets printed with a sleeping couple were put in a linen store; a hairbrush that sprouted blond tresses was displayed at a cosmetics shop. “It made everything look especially cuckoo,” recalled Desiree Heiss, who, along with Ines Kaag, are the Bless masterminds.

Now, for the first time in eight years, the two have returned to New York to present an exhibition and pop-up shop at the new art space Ludlow 38. Inspired by its architecture, they created 10 steplike boxes, each packed according to a different theme. One is filled with their favorite designs, another with found items. Each box will be sold as a whole. “The point is not to create a sale situation,” Ms. Heiss said, “but to show our whole universe and the things we believe in.”

Fringed cover for iPod earphone cord by Bless DesignTelescope chair by Bless Design

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