Functional weavings by Diane Thorp

It would be a cliche but probably also true to say weaving is an endangered or at least increasingly uncommon art, so I’m always excited when I see being done, especially locally. Diane Thorp is a weaver from Vancouver Island whose work has been widely exhibited and has been featured in Fiberarts Magazine and other places. We really like the subtlety of her work. Among many other things Diane makes custom “transparencies” or weavings for windows as well as for hanging room dividers. The pieces are aesthetically pleasing while also functioning as window coverings – they provide a degree of privacy (or block ugly views), are nearly transparent during the day (this is very hard to photograph!) and then are more pleasingly opaque at night. Diane works entirely with natural fibres and these transparencies are woven with linen. They are so loosely woven that they seem fragile, but they’re not.


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