Immaterial material by Mackenzie Frere

Mackenzie Frere uses knitting, weaving and other methods to produce subtle textiles reminiscent, at times, of Japanese textile design or of abstract landscape. Frere is from Alberta and has exhibited internationally, including in Japan. As a textile artist he’s interested in the immateriality of material, a play on words that’s not just frivolous. He also has a great blog called art cloth text


Mackenzie Frere,


s o a k (installation view) Two panels of cloth – one cotton/linen, one silk noil – suspended in two large basins filled with natural dye. Cloth was lowered into logwood dye twice daily during exhibition.


Mackenzie Frere, Soak, Textile Installation


Mackenzie Frere, Creased 2, Textile art - handwoven silk stainless, pleated


Mackenzie Frere, Immaterial, Textile Installation

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