e15 Kast Een Shelf

e15 Kast Een Shelf, e15 Kast Drie Shelf

e15‘s leaning book rack “Mate” is quite well-known (photo at bottom), but their shelf/cupboard units Kast Drie and Kast Een are equally nice. We would like to try to DIY these wall units in our studio, thought the smooth factory finish would be hard to achieve. But the chance to hide junk while adding sculptural interest to the wall is appealing.

e15, now based in Frankfurt, is named after the London zip code where its first studio was located. Architect Philipp Mainzer and product designer Florian Asche produce nice, deceptively simple minimalist pieces, and work on interesting collaborations such as a recent project with the French music and fashion collective Kitsune. Great yellow table, too. And having two of the leaning book racks would be nice.

e15 Yellow Table

Pair of e15's Mate shelves


From e15 and The Moment (NYT style blog).

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