Oak Rooms – Gentlemen’s Club in Notting Hill

Seriously, is there still such a thing as a gentlemen’s club? Alright, so if we’re going to have gender segregation, then women might want a club too, in my case a women’s club where people can talk about books or politics or even men but where no one ever mentions Sex and the City. But that’s another topic. Truth be told I’m not sure this place is really my style but I think it’s well done. It’s the eclecticism of it, maybe, the way they mixed rough-hewn tables with velvet settees, and the harlequin floor that just fades into whiteness. It’s interesting the way it mixes medieval tavern, 18th and 19th C furniture and early 20th C modern. That clock – is it Father Time’s wristwatch? Can’t find a mention of the interior designer’s name anywhere.

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