I miss Nest Quarterly Magazine.

NEST magazines by Nubby Twiglet.

I’ve really been feeling the absence of Nest: A Quarterly of Interiors magazine lately, more than four years after it became defunct. On a whim I just Googled “I miss Nest Magazine” and learned how very not alone I am. Look at photos of people’s Nest collections on Flickr—here, here, here and here. It is fair to say no interior design and architecture magazine ever matched Nest for creativity and artistry. It was probably elevated to cult status because of its smart and well-researched essays, wildly imaginative layouts and covers, and heterogenous, outward-looking understanding of design. Deservedly. It was unique in American if not international publishing and it’s sad that its breadth of vision is now gone. My rare copy of Nest Mag no. 1 was “borrowed” at some point—they’re worth about $150 or more on eBay now. (Note: Nest is to be distinguished from the new shelter magazine which has decided to call itself The Nest). Here’s a small sample from my own collection of Nest issues, and I’ll post more later:
Nest: Quarterly of Interiors - layout

Nest: Quarterly of Interiors - layout

Nest: Quarterly of Interiors - layout

Nest: Quarterly of Interiors - layout

Nest: Quarterly of Interiors - layout

And for a visual archive of all Nest’s issues and covers look here (but don’t click the “Look inside…” as it leads to annoying popups). More page spreads here, and in the next post.

A commenter below has photographed all of the covers; see his Flickr set.

RIP Nest 1997 – 2004.

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  4. Jamila Tazewell Says:

    I love NEST!!! Thanks so much for posting this and reminding me.. That magazine was truly unparalleled – so richly detailed and diverse in scope…

  5. Nest : Sublime Things Says:

    […] Nest is a New York based magazine, self described as a “unique shelter magazine,” or “quarterly of interiors” which featured nontraditional architecture, landscaping, and interior design. Focusing on spaces people lived in as opposed to the modern or antique interiors of beauty like the rest of interior design magazines. Nest almost never used templates or had regular features, it pushed the envelope of the magazine publishing world. It was published quarterly from 1997 until winter 2003-04, for a total of 26 issues.Next Published: June 15, 2010 Filed Under: N Tags: Design « Previous Post Next Post » […]

  6. *jena Says:

    I still remember the first time I saw Nest. I was at one of those large bookstore chains drinking coffee and looking at the magazines; fairly bored and them I saw it Spring 2001. It was immediately interesting, the shape, main article, the cover. I started flipping through and was so happy I started laughing. It was so imaginative, inspiring and edgy (the “why get dressed to get Nest” ad). I couldn’t believe I found such a treasure at a generic bookstore. I immediately said bye to my friend, paid and rushed home to devour it, ads, articles, pics horoscope, and even the french and italian article summaries. love love love

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    […] A friend recently introduced me to Publication Studio.  And this looks like a really interesting publishing project… I’m especially interested by the fact that it’s run by Matthew Stadler who was the literary editor of Nest magazine (I love/loved Nest magazine and miss it!). […]

  8. veronica Says:

    i miss it too!!

  9. Jean Says:

    I miss Nest too :'(

  10. gail Says:

    When I read in the NYT that Nest was to cease publishing, I sat on the floor with my toddler and cried.

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  12. kittybaroque Says:

    I have quite a few issues of this magazine prior to publishing ceased, it was an INCREDIBLE publication and haven’t seen the like previously – a unique artistic vision

  13. Showcases house by Katsuya Kamo « Hinteriors Says:

    […] this kind of alternative design (everyday life design) have a look to Apartamento magazine and Nest […]

  14. kicking myself Says:

    I had NEST quarterly in its entirety, minus one issue, and sold it all to a second-hand physical media shoppe upon my last move. I did so with several LPs (which are also now out of print) regretfully. Shortly after, NEST went out of print.
    Perusing those pages gave me so much joy: the superior design, the lovely and candid stories and interviews paired with rich photographs…a true vacation at one’s fingertips.
    But then nothing lasts forever.

  15. richard m Says:

    Hello, I have backissues available – 10, 12, 13, 14, 19, 22 – £20, £100 the lot
    Please contact me if interested.

  16. Leonard Abbott Says:

    I have issues #17 [summer 2002] and #18 [fall 2002] I would release for 40.00 U.S.D. Let me know if there is any interest. I agree these were a very special event in publishing history.

  17. LB Says:

    Leonard, my sister finally brought me the six you sent me. They’re in great condition – thanks! I might be interested in 17 and 18… let me think.

  18. Leonard Abbott Says:

    Hi Lindsay! Sure no pressure. Stay light!

  19. Joe Cronley Says:

    Since magazines in general are now almost defunct, I will opine that NEST is the single greatest design piece in the history of magazines. Its adoption and devotion to a theme for each issue, its perfection of placement of print elements and in particular the placement of die cuts relative to the photography, was without comparison anywhere. Why would anyone cut a tiny cross into the very center of the magazine, incorporating the void into each and every page, and do it perfectly? Because they could.

    The founder and editors seemed to be perfectly aware that they were doomed from the start. Their demand for artistic and mechanical perfection was too expensive to support through the cover and subscription price. Their flagrant rejection (contempt?) of the glossy shelter magazine norm made it unlikely they would gather advertiser sponsorship. I have no idea why or how they undertook this madness but I’m glad they did. Sadly, I kept none of my copies but I’m glad others did.

  20. Ronald van Tienhoven Says:

    Dear Ouno,
    Today I photographed all Nest Magazine covers – at least the ones I own. I’m still looking for back issues…
    You might want to have the covers – they can be seen and used via my Flickr account:




  21. monica Says:

    long lost love

  22. Denise Slattery Says:

    Hello! Re: Nest Magazine…. I have issues #1 through #6 that I am willing to sell. If you are interested to buy, (or know of someone who is) please let me know! I am going to put them on ebay but would rather sell privately. They are all in good, to very good, condition. Issue #2 is a little scuffed up (as the cover is brown and it shows the scuffs more) and Issue #6 has a slight crease in the bottom right of the cover. Issue #3 has the original cloth band. Issue #1 is pristine. I would ship from Portland, Or
    Thanks – love your blog!

  23. Barbara Verchot Says:

    Denise, Did you sell these issues on ebay? If not let’s discuss! I’ll send you my cell number if I hear back from you. Thanks, fellow NEST lover.

  24. Denie Says:

    Barbara – I sold these a while ago. But I still love nest!

  25. alfredo Says:

    …i agree the absence of nest is greatly missed , i too remember my first time exploring the magazine its articles and the pure existence of it all ! and saddened first that’s it’s gone but that i have lost all of my issues over the years ! it “was”as wikipidia states ! yes it’ was and still is one of the best ! ⚡️

  26. Don Says:

    Our whole mint condition collection is on ebay. We purchased every issue as they were printed starting back in 99″. 🙂

    Stored them in our controlled art room since. Didn’t think they would be of value, just liked them.

    Take a look


  27. Adeline Riesselmann Says:

    I still miss Nest, I have never come across a magazine that original, that intelligent and that inspiring! Still a great loss….

  28. Leonard Says:

    I have # 17and 18, 15.00 + shipping. Media mail would probably be less than 5.00

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