More Nest Magazine.

Nest Magazine layout

I’m still missing Nest Magazine. For much more information, see the previous post. I certainly understand from first-hand experience that these design projects are labours of love and very hard to sustain over time. Goodbye Nest.

Nest Magazine layout

Nest Magazine layout

Nest Magazine layout

Nest Magazine layout

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27 Responses to “More Nest Magazine.”

  1. Kate Says:

    Where can I get back copies? Found an archive site but when you try to move into it you get to some online shopping deal… Really want to get as many back copies as I can. If you can help I’d be grateful. I live in Melbourne Australia. Thanks, Kate

  2. admin Says:

    Hi Kate,
    I know, that site has an annoying redirect – Sorry! I tried to warn about that in our previous post. I believe that the only place you can get back copies now, sadly, is eBay. (And Craigslist – do they have that in Australia? Or is it just a Canada/US thing?) I just did an eBay search and there are quite a few issues there. I was surprised! Of course, they’re about US$30-35 each, but that seems like quite a good price considering the magazines were originally quite expensive and are now collector’s items. I don’t see some of the rarer copies there, which go for as much as $200 (Issue no. 1).
    Good luck and if you buy any, can you let us know how it goes?

  3. Valentine | Ouno Design Says:

    […] of the sadly long defunct Nest Magazine. So many magazines have died this year, but we still miss Nest the […]

  4. The Source Says:


    I have 24 issues of Nest for sale including the coveted number 1 issue. If interested please contact me.

  5. philip wagner Says:

    they must be doing something fun and must have a website somewhere

  6. LB Says:

    I can’t find them anywhere!

  7. christina Says:

    hi…you can check with there is one dealer who has 9 for sale. the prices seem reasonable to me. i have some issues as well that i might be willing to sell, including the first issue (farrah issue). i honestly do not know what it is worth. i am not a professional dealer or anything like that. i do not want to be cheated, of course, but i am not the type to gouge others.
    i am a bibliophile who takes excellent care of anything made from paper!
    if you are looking for something less costly but worthwhile, buy the book they did called “every picture tells a story.” it is also on i think it is around 20.00

  8. Sherry Johnson Says:

    I am looking for Nest Magazine Issue#8 Spring 2000. Please let me know if you have it, the condition & price.

    Thank you,

  9. UJIN Says:

    Hello, I’m looking for the Issue of , introducing a Japanese wealthy man called Yoichi Nichikawa and his apartment. Sorry I dont know which issue it is. But if u once read about it, could you plz let me know? or even scan it for me? your help will be appreciated!

  10. LB Says:

    I’m sorry, I don’t know which issue this is. Anyone?

  11. Annemarie Says:

    I do have issue 8 of NEST for sale. Perfect condition. You can contact me.

    For everyone else interested: I also have issue 2, 7, 9, 11, 12 and 16 for sale!

  12. NYC Designer Says:

    I have issues 4 through 26 available for sale. Contact me at: for requests and pricing.

  13. Richard m Says:

    Hello, I have issues 4 upwards for sale (20 uk pounds each)
    All mint condition.

  14. Lena Says:

    Anyone has issue #1 for sale?
    I am very interested in buying one.
    Please let me know, my e-mail is

  15. D Jones Says:

    Hello Richard m – are your issues still for sale. I’m missing 4-9 and issue 11. I’m in London – maybe you could text me on 07930 463 185 to let me know? Many thanks

  16. LA Freeway Says:

    I have 7 issues of NEST : The “Joint” Issue / Summer 2001; #11 / Winter 2000-2001; #12 / Spring 2001; #14 / Fall 2001; #15 Winter 2001-2002; #16 Spring 2002; “Warp and Woof” / Winter 2002-2003 They are all in mint condition and I would let them go for 20.00 ea. plus shipping [ which might be prohibitive if going a long distance ] I live in Richmond Va. so if your local it would be easy. Please e-mail me if you are interested. These are truly art pieces unto themselves.

  17. LB Says:

    Actually I’m interested! Will email you.

  18. kathy kelly Says:

    I am looking for the following back issues:
    No. 1 summer 1998
    No. 5 summer 1999
    No. 7 winter 1999-2000
    No. 8 spring 2000
    No. 9 summer 2000
    No. 10 fall 2000
    If anyone has these issues available for purchase please contact me at

  19. Joe Cronley Says:

    Nest was the greatest piece of printed art on the market. It was a magnificent spectacle of photography, composition, graphic arts and physical production. I cannot imagine their print cost or the perfectionist who stayed in the printing plant while the magazine ran ensuring that each copy was up to standard.

    Even at its exorbitant cost, I knew it wouldn’t survive. Hardly any advertiser support. I subscribed after I saw a single issue.

    The journalism was fun but not extraordinary. Wildly eclectic, flagrantly gay, and never paying blind homage to wealth or celebrity (unless they had something as wonderful and original as the magazine itself was), it was the antithesis of the mainstream shelter magazine.

    I hope the principals are doing well in whatever they chose to follow. They should always know they did something outstanding.

  20. Jim Says:

    Hi all,

    I just listed issues 2, 6, 7 and 9 on ebay. I love this magazine and have every issue. They folded before my subscription ran out so they sent me a stack of back issues. I have a few more to list in the near future.

  21. Michelle Says:

    I have a lot of back issues of NEST. I’ve listed some on amazon, and happy to sell some to any other fans. NEST was such a fantastic magazine, and I’ve hung onto mine, all in decent condition, for so many years. I’ve gotta downsize my studio! Mail at michelleweinberg dot com

  22. Bradley Says:

    I have 26 issues of Nest Magazine. I am missing issue #8 and I have 2 copies of #3 I would like to sell them all. They are in great condition, with all the extras attached, tongue depressor etc. Make me an offer

  23. Adeline Says:

    I still miss Nest!

  24. Maria Bleck Says:

    I have nest issues nÂș : 2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,11,12,14,15,16,17,18,19,24,25,26+ summer 2001.
    For sale
    if you have already purchased the issues you were missing, do you know who might want mine.

  25. ellen land clark Says:

    I have nest #1 thru #26 mint condition for sale….

  26. ellen land clark Says:

    make a offer if interested

  27. chandni Says:

    Ellen, Maria,

    Do you still have some copies for sale?

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