Siberian interiors

siberian shop, novosibirsk

After weeks of snow in Vancouver I randomly searched for “Siberian interiors” on Flickr, just to see how snowy regions decorate. Maybe it has nothing to do with counteracting the blank endless wastes of snow, but the standard Siberian decorating philosophy seems to be “There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Pattern.” The exceptions were an amazing white shop interior in Novosibirsk, above, almost Swedish in its simplicity, and a museum version of a traditional Siberian wooden house, at bottom.

May the snow melt soon, and Happy New Year.

siberian peace corps, 2001 by frozenjames.

Siberian apartment by frozenjames.

120906_0070_russia_irkutsk by chrisjstanley.

Siberia - museo de primeros asentamientos by bigenjapon.

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