Destroy all foreign sauces!

It’s January 2 and this is going to be my motivational video for the year. It’s a Japanese animation featuring Kikkoman, a superhero from Planet Soy. Granted, the battle cry “destroy all foreign sauces!” is pretty iffy in 2009. Condiment nationalism! But obviously it’s self mockery. Cult fans of this video know that in the Japanese version the cat actually hangs himself (at 1:28) out of shame for putting something other than soy on his lunch. I guess the creator thought English-speaking audiences couldn’t take it.  Look for the ridiculous, almost imperceptible printed notes—you have to hit the pause button to even read them. I’ve never been able to find out who made this, whether it was actually an official ad by Kikkoman and if so, whether it was ever released. Apologies in advance for the ridiculous pun on “shoyu”… Show Me! Show you! KIKKOMAN!

By the way, Kikkoman’s head looks like that because little single-use packages of Kikkoman soy in Japan are plastic fish-shaped dispensers with a red lid for the fish’s nose. Video might be a bit confusing if you’ve never seen one of these in person.

Kikkoman - superhero video screen capture

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