The dangers of discomfort.

Uncomfortable homes can make people take actions - text

I found this tragic modern poem online while researching ventilation for the studio. I took a screenshot of it just in case someone failed to recognize its morose genius and removed it from the public domain. Cut and paste-able version is below.

Comfortable Uncomfortable homes can make people take action that makes a home unhealthy. A lack of comfort can lead to a lack of ventilation and over-humidification. If people are cold they won’t ventilate their home. If people can’t afford to heat their home they won’t ventilate their home. In the summertime, some people need to keep their windows closed because of outdoor pollutants such as pollen. If people are hot they’ll open their windows.  If they open their windows they can’t filter the air. If they can’t filter the air they can’t keep out the pollen. If people are dry they’ll humidify. When they humidify they over-humidify. When they over-humidify they get mold.

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  1. Eva Says:

    Reminds me of an East Prussian joke. “Miss, do you want to dance?” — “No.” — “But why not?” — “Well, if I dance, I’ll get hot. And if I get hot, I sweat. And if I sweat, I smell. And if I smell, nobody will dance with me.”

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