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  1. i guess it’s too easy to make and market something these days, but it still makes me wonder why and how stuff like this ever makes it past the conceptual stage. i hate it.

    1. Sally, you’re not wrong! It’s completely incomprehensible and super creepy. It’s funny how kitsch, which is supposedly meant to shield us from reality by invoking childish imagery, so often has the opposite of its intended effect. It’s no wonder horror movies are full of all those evil, smiling dolls. I value this thing partly as handly incontrovertible proof of the sick madness that is cuteism. (And because it’s not in primary colours, like a garden gnome.)

  2. PS Funny story: Once when I was moving into an apartment I inherited this quite amazing kitschy couch, and I was half-considering keeping it just for the irony value, even though I really kind of hated it. My mother, who rarely makes design pronouncements, took one look at it and said “Funny as a joke. But not as furniture. Put it out on the curb.”

  3. creepy? haha, yes, perhaps. though it makes me wonder what movies you watch. but i think your mother nailed it: kitsch as furniture may be funny the first time you see it but rarely has any enduring value. and it is almost always made of low quality materials. it’s a short-term perspective on design, and irresponsible. a quality it shares with 90% of philippe starck’s production, actually.

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