Kim Cattrall speaks out against BC arts funding cuts

Thank you, Kim! In case you’re wondering what Kim is talking about here, the BC government is trying to cut arts funding in BC by a massive 90% over the next couple of years. This arts funding was only a tiny proportion of the budget -1/20 of 1% before the cuts. When there’s a $1.36 direct return on investment for every dollar the government spends on the arts, this sort of cutting is just stupid. What other sector gives that kind of return? And that’s not to mention the indispensable, non-economic benefits that the arts provide. If you want a list of what those are, read this smart and entertaining¬†set of facts by Kate Armstrong. And yes, this does have to do with the 2010 Olympics budget overruns, whatever the government may say. And it just doesn’t make sense in a recession.

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