Spomenik: The End of History, by Jan Kempenaers

Jan Kempenaers, "Spomenik #5" , 2007

Photo essay of post-war Yugoslavian monuments and architecture by Belgian artist Jan Kempenaers, from the Crown Gallery site. “Spomenik” means monument, and all of these structures were meant to commemorate WWII losses and point to progress and a generally utopian future. Thanks to the turmoil of subsequent wars in the former Yugoslavia, these brutalist monuments have fallen into disrepair. More information on Kempenaers here.

"Spomenik #14" , 2007

"Spomenik #13" , 2007

"Spomenik #10" , 2007

"Spomenik #6" , 2007

"Spomenik #2" , 2007

"Spomenik #15" , 2007

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  1. Thanks for the photos. I had not seen most of these architectural pieces before and I find the the fact that they have now been bypassed by a country and a political system that effectively no longer exists, even more fascinating. I wonder what monuments we will leave high and dry when our system crumbles?

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