Mexico City benches

Pedro Friedeberg bench on Reforma

Bench, Chapultepec Park

Bench, Chapultepec Park

Zocalo bench

Hippopotamus bench

More design from Mexico City. These are just four benches out of the scores of original designs found all over town. Many of these can be found on Paseo de la Reforma – two are the Pedro Friedeberg hand and foot bench, top, and the hippopotamus bench, bottom. The extremely comfortable coloured ones at centre are in Chapultepec Park, and 2nd from┬álast is a sort of brutalist bench found near the Zocalo. One thing you notice is that there has been no skimping on materials – bronze, enamel, everything is solidly constructed and extremely well-made. Mexico City does have the luxury of a more temperate climate, which perhaps allows a wider use of materials and building techniques, but I’m not sure that this fully explains its utter design superiority to most of the rest of North America.

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