MegaPhone by Enandis

Megaphone speaker by the Italian company Enandis. Why do I like this? I shouldn’t like it, but I do. It’s so wrong for things to pretend to be other things, like early cars resembling horse carriages, or high-heeled runners. Furthemore is the iPhone speaker’s quality even worth amplifying? Maybe what’s nice about this is precisely the contradictory relationship between the basic yet acoustically perfect cone and the supposedly more sophisticated (yet somehow much more acoustically impoverished) device. Perhaps this is where its surreal quality derives from, sci-fi technology harnessed to the ancient. I just like the McGyver feel. And maybe it’s just that I like the sound of voices reverberating through a pipe, or music echoing romantically up from a subway tunnel in some French film. I don’t know, but I want one. It’s funny.

Hoewver, the name/logo stamp on the most visible part of the stand would actually stop me from ordering one. That’s an eyesore.

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