Nest Magazine

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone.

Nest Magazine

A few more spreads from our collection of the sadly long defunct Nest Quarterly. So many magazines have died this year, but I still miss Nest the most. More in my Flickr set.

Nest Magazine

Nest Magazine

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3 Responses to “Valentine”

  1. I miss Nest Magazine. | Ouno Design Says:

    […] click the “Look inside…” as it leads to annoying popups). More page spreads here, and in the next […]

  2. Eva Says:

    It’s a treat. If they are so treasured and the people who made it are still alive, isn’t there hope for a revival some day?

  3. bree Says:

    NEST was amazing. I am super sad still and that was years ago!! Maybe it was one of those things that was too good to last. So cool that you have some photos up on flickr. Thanks!

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