The Harper Song (Steve It’s Time to Leave) by John Roby

Words and music by John Roby, a good friend of my Uncle Patrick. Video recorded and edited by Scott Stephenson. Lovely song in its own right, and a bit reminiscent of Randy Newman and Tom Lehrer.

For non-Canadians, this song is about Canada’s rogue right-wing head of state, Prime Minister (or “Crime Minister”) Stephen Harper. Harper has shut down (or “prorogued”) parliament many times, and is now in the middle of an election fraud scandal. Which sure better bring down his government.

Steve, Steve, itʼs time to leave
Itʼs time to close the Harper show
Your one man band has got to go
Time to take a long long walk in the snow
Steve itʼs time to leave

In the good old days we had democracy
But now itʼs Steveautocracy
With a daily dose of hypocrisy
Spewing from the PMO
Thereʼs Odaʼs yes or no about a not
And whereʼs the bill for all those jails you’ve bought
It’s called contempt and like it or not
You’ve really got to go

Steve Steve itʼs time to leave
Itʼs time for this charade to end
Youʼre running out of rules to bend
You wonʼt get by with a little help from your friends
Steve itʼs time to leave

Remember all that campaign spin
Transparency would soon begin
Your in and out spending went out and in
Where the sun donʼt shine
Another slice of Harper sleaze
A little thing called Detainees
You close down the house whenever you please
And you claim to have a spine

Steve Steve itʼs time to leave
Time to go screw something else
Time to put your crown on the shelf
Time to go and prorogue yourself
Steve itʼs time to leave

If you like this, check out Project Democracy.

“Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power.”
Benito Mussolini

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